Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Our center uses proven techniques to accelerate a patient's return to normal daily activities. We use the same updated equipment and modern modalities used on professional athletes. Injuries from accidents, sports, or post surgical care are just some of the candidates for this service.

Our wide selection of therapies include:

Ice is used on an acute or recent injury to reduce pain, inflammation, tissue damage and scarring.

Massage Therapy
Used for relaxation & therapy; to increase blood, nerve activity, lymph flow and decrease Edema, scar tissue, spasms and lactic acid.

Moist Heat
Is used for increasing blood flow and elasticity. Heat is ideal for the reduction of muscle spasms.

Our facility is complete with high tech Rehab machines for increasing strength and stabilization.

Long Axis Traction{VAX-D}
Used to reduce nerve pressure, scar tissue and adhesions and hydrostatic pressure inside the disc. Used for treating Herniated & bulging discs, Degenerated discs, Stenosis, Sciatica, Arthritis and failed low back surgery.

Inter-segmental Traction
Used to relieve fixations, strengthen ligaments and muscles. Helps restore elasticity and stabilize the spine.

Electric Muscle Stimulation
A therapeutic current used to treat acute, chronic or recurrent episodic pain. It is also used for decreasing inflammation.

Soundwaves are directed into the body to produce tissue healing, micromassage, and the reduction of Edema and inflammation. It may be the only modality capable of effectively treating deep tissue (ligaments, tendons, and joint capsules).